Dog Stuff: Combating Fleas and Ticks—Naturally

combating fleasWho doesn’t love summer? Well, our cautious pal Chance, for one. Just the thought of flea and tick season makes him scratch. He’s read that this season promises to be one of the worst and he needs some help combating fleas. His Snoutz pals know to take these dangerous little creatures seriously. But they’d love to get Chance out of the house. Sophie read that one of the most important preventions against fleas is healthy skin. Imagine! Veterinarian Richard Pitcairn, who wrote Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats, is big on good grooming. He points out that dry skin attracts fleas and advises pet parents to frequently brush and comb their pets’ coats. “Frequent brushing and combing stimulates hair and skin health, bringing normal secretions from oil glands onto the skin and discouraging fleas,” says Pitacairn. He also encourages fewer baths. Too much soap and water can strip away those natural oils. Please recommend any other natural remedies against fleas and ticks. Weigh in in the comments. Thanks.