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Mr. Saluki sure had lots of stories to tell. He was chatting away about his granduncle when, suddenly, he stopped talking and stared into the distance. Pipper followed his gaze. She noticed a mist of dust and sand approaching.

“Holy guacamole! What’s that?”

“It seems there’s a sandstorm heading our way.” A violent wind whipped up. Then the sun faded, and a blanket of sand was upon them.

“Please stay calm. This will soon pass. We have an old Egyptian saying: ‘Nothing rests, everything moves; everything vibrates.’”

Pipper thought the saying must be true. Lumpy II was certainly vibrating. Maybe it was from the dates. Maybe it was from the coming storm. The sand moved quickly, overwhelming them.

Fifi suggested they stop for Pipper to have a shampoo to wash away the desert sand. Pipper agreed the idea was magnifique. Fifi’s spunky energy was certainly contagious. A good kind of contagious, not like when you catch fleas from a friend.

Meanwhile, Bumbles parked the motorbike and sprung into a public bathroom near Mimi’s. He reappeared in a checkered dress and rhinestone sunglasses. He sprinted into Mimi’s shop and sat down in the front. Someone offered him a complimentary nail clipping. Pipper and Fifi were seated in the back of the salon. Bumbles could hear them talking as his nails got cut and polished bright green – his favorite color.

Fifi and Mimi chatted away as Pipper’s fur got washed and styled into a fluffy do. Pipper enjoyed Mimi’s lavender tea. Mimi served it to all her customers while they waited for their hairs to dry.

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