Dog Stuff

Dog Stuff: Soccer Dogs

soccer dogsSoccer dogs are cool! Chance wants to be one of the soccer dogs! He is training as a goalie for the Fetchwood Fetchers. They were inspired after seeing some unbelievable moves made by the Soccer Collies. Groups of kids play the goal keeper position as the incredibly talented soccer dogs score goals. A lot of goals! This is a serious new sport challenging enough for professional players. It’s especially appealing for kids 4 to 12 years old. Want your own soccer dog? Check out the Soccer Collies at their website.
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Dog Stuff: Salukis on Show

salukisSalukis are one of the oldest dog breeds in history. Pipper’s Egyptian tour guide, Mr. Saluki, told her that his great, great, great, great, great, great grandmother appears on the wall of an Egyptian tomb. These dogs are highly regarded in Arabian culture. To pay tribute to this elegant dog, The Arabian Saluki Beauty Contest was held this past September at the International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition in Abu Dhabi. The Salukis were judged not only on the standard breed characteristics but also on the breed’s main purpose—hunting, chasing, and guarding—as well as evidence of  its brave and dominant behavior. We think the winner, Nuash, is a spitting image of Mr. Saluki. Maybe your dog is not one of these beautiful, multi-talented Salukis, but we’re sure she is a beauty. Be sure to enter our Snoutz in the Kitchen Contest and have a chance to win a free book!

Dog Stuff: Recycling – Poop Powers Cambridge

recyclingArchibald is raving about artist Matthew Mazzotta’s “Park Spark” recycling project. Matthew invented the Park Spark to help teach people to turn waste into an energy resource. His clever device uses canine poop. Microbes produce a methane gas that is used to power lights in a Cambridge, Massachusetts park. Archibald plans to present the concept to Fetchwood’s Mayor Basset at the next town meeting.
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Dog Stuff: Pumpkins to the Rescue for Dog Digestion!

dog digestionChance won’t ever take a chance on Halloween.  He won’t dress up.  And forget about trick or treating—he backs off of the sweet stuff.  But the one thing he does love about this time of year are the pumpkins.  Did you know that they can help with dog digestion?  After his pals have gobbled up the last bits of treats—and need a little help digesting what they ate—he offers them just a few tablespoons of pureed pumpkin to help his pals ease their overstuffed tummies.  It’s pumpkins to the rescue for dog digestion!
Image:  Greenwala, Inc.

Dog Stuff: Smelling Smarts

dog stuffHere’s some dog stuff for you.  Pipper is a food adventurer. With a super sniffer that’s over 1,000 times more sensitive than a human’s, it’s no wonder she creates the most delicious recipes. What smells are most interesting to your dog? Not sure? There’s an experiment on the Science Buddies website that’s a fun way for you and your kids to learn more about dog behavior and canine olfactory greatness.  Here’s some more information about it. Please tell us about your finds in comments.

Dog Stuff: Dog Olympics

dog olympicsPipper’s personal trainer pal, Chance, keeps Pipper in top form. They’re planning to compete in the next Steel Bone Triathlon – but first they’re going to check out the competition at the 2012 Dog Olympics taking place in Lignano Sabbiadoro, Italy (October 15-17). The competition includes agility, orienteering, and even dancing. Pipper is particularly interested in the swimming competition and can’t wait to get her paws wet. Are there any dog events taking place in your area? Go to comments to share with us.

Dog Stuff: Combating Fleas and Ticks—Naturally

combating fleasWho doesn’t love summer? Well, our cautious pal Chance, for one. Just the thought of flea and tick season makes him scratch. He’s read that this season promises to be one of the worst and he needs some help combating fleas. His Snoutz pals know to take these dangerous little creatures seriously. But they’d love to get Chance out of the house. Sophie read that one of the most important preventions against fleas is healthy skin. Imagine! Veterinarian Richard Pitcairn, who wrote Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats, is big on good grooming. He points out that dry skin attracts fleas and advises pet parents to frequently brush and comb their pets’ coats. “Frequent brushing and combing stimulates hair and skin health, bringing normal secretions from oil glands onto the skin and discouraging fleas,” says Pitacairn. He also encourages fewer baths. Too much soap and water can strip away those natural oils. Please recommend any other natural remedies against fleas and ticks. Weigh in in the comments. Thanks.

Dog Stuff: Travel Recommendations

travel recommendationsPipper is a world traveler and has plenty of travel recommendations for those of her friends who need them. She’s met lots of interesting characters and experienced some amazing places. She’s traveled by plane, by train, by bike and even by camel. Now she’s looking to kick back with her pals and put her paws up. She loves to swim and play a game of fetch. Pipper discovered Kim Salerno, another blogger whose website, Trips With Pets, has all sorts of tips and information. There’s everything from lists of pet-friendly hotels to trip planners and even a Pet Travel Club. Check it out on their website. But come back here and read our next Dog Stuff installment. Do you have any recommendations for a great getaway location for our four-legged friend? Please go to our comments and share.