Pipper’s Press Impresses!

National children’s book critics, teachers, parents, and kids are applauding the story, illustrations, characters and learning in Pipper’s Secret Ingredient in scintillating reviews.


Kirkus Reviews


“An educational tool that’s well-disguised as a compelling, fun read, excellent for kids interested in dogs, food and travel.”

“This is a keeper on the nightstand to read out loud to young children or have them read alone, especially at bedtime. With the fun canine friendships, unique places visited, the occasional foreign words, and clever blogging, any child will learn and enjoy its story of love being the most important ingredient.”

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“This is the perfect book for children to learn more about places all over the world, blogging and using the Internet for research, and what is truly important to an individual. I’m telling you that kids will LOVE THIS BOOK! …You definitely don’t want to miss this!”


“I recommend Pipper’s Secret Ingredient for ages 8 and up. The layout is perfect for reluctant readers (especially of chapter books). The exciting adventuresand loyal friendships are sure to appeal.”

The Castle Library

“Loved the brilliant illustrations and simple storyline!”


“… a delightful book of dog adventures…the artwork is amazing and the storyline easy to follow as well as fast paced.

Children’s Bookwatch

“Pipper’s Secret Ingredient” is a riveting adventure for intermediate readers, with colorful illustrations by Neal Sharp spread throughout, highly recommended.

Book Pleasures/Michigan Avenue Book Reviews

Let’s give this book: Five Golden Wonderbar Treats! Don’t forget to read her blog! The illustrations bring it all home for adults and kids.

Pipper’s Secret Ingredient is a wild ride! A clever array of characters engages readers, who will become immediately involved in the journey. Treks to places such as Egypt, Paris, and Katz’s Deli in New York, help Pipper while she searches for the perfect ingredient for the perfect treat. Children will find this story not only fun and “delicious,” but will have the chance to explore these exotic locales, sample their culinary delights, and become exposed to their varied cultures. It is rare to find a fictional children’s story that also incorporates such a “heaping portion” of non-fiction. The controlled vocabulary and the beautiful illustrations further enhance this imaginative tale.
Karen Sokoloff
Reading Specialist New York City Department of Education

As a classroom teacher and librarian for over 40 years, I am delighted with “Pipper’s Secret Ingredient.” It’s a refreshing read for youngsters 8+ in a market environment of violent video games and stories. Pipper’s adventures are fun and entertaining, and full of information on world geography, science and history. The book also features important life skills, the value of friendship, and a love for animals. I highly recommend “Pipper’s Secret Ingredient” to parents who want to excite their children’s imagination, and to educators and librarians who use literature to tap into a wealth of learning.
Gloria Sobel
Retired educator Los Angeles Unified School District

Pipper travels the world looking for a secret ingredient for her biscuits. Along the way she meets many characters who help her find the secret ingredient. My favorite is Bumbles. He is funny how he tries to disguise himself. This is a great book! Funny! Creative! Everyone should read it!
Carly, Age 9, New York City

I loved the book and the secret ingredient!
Holliday, Age 7, New Jersey

Pipper goes to so many cool places and gets to taste so much interesting food. I want to go to those places too.
Cameron, Age 7

Both my children are avid readers…They immediately fell in love with the story and took the book with them everywhere they went because they couldn’t (and wouldn’t) put it down… both kids love the graphics and the story line. ..This is our new favorite book and will be our new favorite birthday gift for their friends.
Parent of 9 and 10 year olds, New Jersey

We loved reading Pipper together with our son in the evening.
Mike & Lisa, Atlanta, GA

All of a sudden my son is interested in history. Thanks, Pipper!
A.J., Tampa, FL

Not only funny for kids. There’s something for all ages.
Monika Hediger, Zurich, Switzerland