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Food Adventures: Corn Maze Amazes

corn mazePipper is the food adventure expert. Here’s another suggestion she wants to share with you. There are corn mazes all over the U.S. You can visit during the day or at night. Corn that grows 8 or 9 feet tall in good weather creates a thick, impenetrable maze. The farmer uses a tractor equipped with GPS to cut a pattern of paths into the field. The pattern is usually only visible from the air, but on the ground it is a great maze. A maze can take anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to find your way out. Help is usually available, if needed, and there are often signs with puzzles to solve or clues to help. Nighttime mazes are the same as daytime ones, but at night you need to use a flashlight! It can be a scary but fun experience. Very popular with teenagers! To find a corn maze near you, visit this website.

Are there other types of mazes you can recommend to Pipper’s fans? Tell us about it in the comments.